Car auctions

Learn the #1 source for car auctions. These are the secret car auctions car dealers do not want you to know about.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Car Auctions

Car Auctions

This is the secret the car dealerships do not want you and me to know about.

You can save thousands on your car purchase buying from secret government
car auctions the public does not know about. I will share the secret with you!

Here are some real examples of savings at these auctions from people like you and me:

2003 VW Passat Book value: $17,789 Purchase price: $9,050
Savings of $8,739 at a Government auction

2002 Ford Expedition EB Book value: $18,944 Purchase price $8,000
Savings of $10,944 at a DEA repo sale

2002 Acura CL 32 Type-S W/navigation Book value:$21,676 Purchase price:$7,200
Savings of $14,476 at online Government repo auction

1998 BMW 528i Sedan Book value:$19,860 Purchase price: $3,300
Savings $16,560 at U.S. Customs auction

Every month, thousands of cars become government property through seizure and foreclosure laws. You and I can benefit because there are so many vehicles and it cost so much for storage, these cars must be sold fast and cheap. The selection is enormous!
Economy cars to luxury cars and SUVs can be found at these auctions.

You will get immediate access to secret repo auctions, government auctions, Police auctions, DEA auctions, IRS auctions and Customs auctions. Buy your vehicle direct from the source with a clean title. Bidding starts at $100 and the winning bids are many times thousands less than retail.

You do not need any special license to be able to bid and have full access to these car auctions. If you are at least 18 and have a photo ID, you can access these car auctions. Due to the growth of the Internet, there are many online as well as offline car auctions.

The online auctions usually display all their current vehicle listings on a website for viewing. The site will show the location of the car. The listings are searchable per manufacturer and state. The auction staff can assist you with help and info on transport
of your purchase if the online auction is out of your area.

To save thousands at your offline auctions you get information on listed vehicles and register to attend the auction. Offline auctions usually offer a faxback service for current listings and some have a website for this specific purpose.

The types of vehicles you can purchase at most of these car auctions goes from economy vehicles to exotic cars. The government agencies like the IRS, DEA, Police, and Customs agencies usually are contributing many of the new and high-end vehicles.

The seizure laws are designed so when property ( in this case vehicles ) used in criminal activities can be legally confiscated by the different government agencies. These vehicles are then quickly dumped at car auctions that you can now gain access to.

The largest amount of cars comes from the massive amount of inventory of the Federal, State, and Local government. You will find everything from economy car to SUV. Most pre-owned government vehicles are typically 2-3 years old, and do come with perfect service documentation. Many still have a transferable factory warranty. Most auctions offer a complimentary “Carfax” report or similar for vehicle history and title status check.

The auctions are set up to make it easy for us by having staff to help answer questions and giving you the chance to inspect vehicles before the auction. All cars come with a 90-day warranty. Most have a complimentary “Carfax”
In conclusion, these secret auctions are a fun and exciting way for you to save thousands when you buy your next car.
Go to for the #1 source of these secret car auctions.
Get immediate access!

Car Auctions


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